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For over 10 years I have been an enthusiastic software developer in and around Munich, as well as remotely. My motivation is my constant improvement and learning of the latest technologies, my personal attributes are a high quality standard, personal responsibility and my keen eye for design and usability. I find high-quality solutions tailored to the company or domain, continuously optimise them and identify and eliminate disruptive factors.

As a freelancer, I work for start-ups as well as large companies and appreciate remote work in a motivated and relaxed (Scrum-) team and projects with exciting, technical challenges. I value flexible working conditions and the option of part-time and home office, which allow me to pursue my other passions: I find the perfect balance for me in bouldering and climbing.


Main skills

Web-Apps, JavaScript, HTML(5), CSS(3), React, Redux, Typescript, NodeJs, Webpack


React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Typescript, Flow, ES.Next, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, SVG, Web-Components, Web-Development, (Mobile) Web Apps, PWAs, Responsive Webdesign, Angular 1, Express, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, FabricJs, Jade, Jasmine, Mocha, Karma, PDF.js, Protractor, Nighwatch, CommonJs, SCSS, SASS, Selenium, SinonJs, socket.io, RESTful, Janus WebRTC Gateway, Frontend Styleguide, WebSockets, Vue.js, Yarn, Eslint, Babel, Chai, Haml, Compass, CoffeeScript, BackboneJs


Node.js, Java (+Spring), Gradle, MongoDB, C#, SQL


Software Architecture, UX/UI Design, Code Quality, Clean Code, Event-Sourcing, CQRS, Design-Patterns, Facilitation, Reactive Programming, MVC, BDD, TDD, Domain Driven Design, Microservices, Remote Teams, Facilitation, Continuous Improvement, Pair Programming, Refactoring, Code Reviews, Operations, Offline First, Performance


Ansible, Docker, Bash (Shell), CI, Build Automation, Linux

Programs & Tools

Git, Adobe Suite, Mac

Availability and conditions

I am available at the moment. I would be very pleased to receive project enquiries.

My hourly rate: On request



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